My little peace of haven

22 Jun

My Creative Corner

Where all the magic happens

Create…here is where it happens
We moved to our current place last July and last Friday, we were finally able to get to this room cleaned and organized, when I say we, I mean ME. This room is my craft room and it is my little creative corner of my world. Inspiration is expressed through art, scrapbooking, sewing, etc. I would like to welcome you into my little world.
My craft/sewing room has been with me since 2005. In this area I have created memories for my family, birthday cards for friends, Christmas gifts for nephews, clothes for myself  and paintings for our home.  After one year of postponing the organizing of this room (actually its a loft area now), I can finally dive into this realm of creativity where I say, the magic happens.  All I need is my room, music and inspiration and works of love are created. To me these are expression of love and thoughtfullfuness…at least I hope this is what my gift recipients think of them.
Let me first give you a glance at the before pictures to illustrate the disorganization and chaos of this room.
Oh the mess!
…and the other side
Yikes! There is a floor under there somewhere.
Here is the after…
…and the other side

Told you there was a floor there

Now here are some labor of love creations.
Rockford’s 1 year scrapbook
Cute tutu purses for my nieces
Charger’s Robe for my nephew
Blue dress for a dear family friend
My latest painting I made as soon as room was ready

One of my favorite paintings that shares Psalm 8:2

So this is my little piece of haven because here it’s all about me and my creativity. I thank the Lord for all the gifts that he has blessed me with and it is my sincere desire to bless others with them. It is with great thought and love, and work, that I create these projects and I hope all my recipients know how much they are loved and thought of.
Blessings to all!!!

One Response to “My little peace of haven”

  1. workmomad June 22, 2011 at 8:07 am #

    You’re lucky! I have only a craft closet, but I was proud to get it. (If you’re ever over here on the East Coast and want to organize a craft closet, I have a definite challenge awaiting you!)


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