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Mission: Family Organization

29 Jun

Family Organization Center

Family that plans together, stays together

letter ORDER
Let’s get organized family!

I was recently asked by my dear friend Lori Avery what I do to stay organized with all my family activities. Though I had my little system in tacked, I thought, why not tweak it a little to make it easier and neater. Hence, here is our new and improved family organization center.

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My little peace of haven

22 Jun

My Creative Corner

Where all the magic happens

Create…here is where it happens
We moved to our current place last July and last Friday, we were finally able to get to this room cleaned and organized, when I say we, I mean ME. This room is my craft room and it is my little creative corner of my world. Inspiration is expressed through art, scrapbooking, sewing, etc. I would like to welcome you into my little world.
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