Happy 1/2 yr birthday to Training Up My Boys!

1 Aug

Six months later…

Thank you to all our Readers!

mommy and boys

Looking ahead into the horizon

I can’t believe this little blog started January 31st and my kids and the Lord have really given me much material to write about. I am beyond blessed and honored to be a mother, a wife and a writer of my journey through motherhood. Thank you for coming on this journey with us.
Blogging by the numbers
6 months, 24 weeks, 82 posts, 207 comments, 519 tags,  7,700 total views
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1st Post (Posted January 31, 2011)
Letter to you
Dear Readers,
What a journey these last six months have been for our family. From teaching Rockford to scare a cat from our back yard, to traveling to New York City to be interviewed by a national news, to witnessing Rocco’s milestones to his one year birthday. The Lord must have known I would have appreciated having all this documented and I do.
What an honor to have someone come across this little blog that was to serve a purpose of documenting funny, moving and learning moments for this mommy trying to figure motherhood out. Your words of encouragement in your comments remind me that this vehicle can do so much more than I would ever have anticipated. I am blessed to hear of anyway this blog has blessed or benefited you and your family.
I will never claim to be perfect or someone who has it all together, but I do know there is one who knows what the heck I am doing here and why I need to keep writing and that is my God, Jesus Christ. He has taught me so much through my kids and has taught me how to instill this same Faith and love for Him to my sons. I welcome all opposing opinions who continue to dismiss and criticize my Christian parenting style. I appreciate all readership, but I will not be moved from my foundation.
 Finally, I never really get the opportunity to give credit and appreciation to a man that makes all this possible and that is my husband of 8 years (on August 23rd) Rocky Ramirez. He is an upstanding family man and I am so blessed to be his wife and mother to his kids. This month I plan to share my thoughts on my husband to my children as I document our wedding and anniversary day. Thank you Rocky (because you are a faithful reader and know you are reading this) for your unconditional love for me and for all your support  and encouragement  in ALL my passions and hobbies. Thank you for always reminding me I am doing a great job as a mom and wife.  I love you!
“You are super Mom…and look so good being her!” ~message from my husband on our family organization board
Can’t wait to see what the Lord has in stored for us, but you can bet it will be written here.
Mama Raquel, Training Up My Boys

2 Responses to “Happy 1/2 yr birthday to Training Up My Boys!”

  1. workmomad August 2, 2011 at 5:43 am #

    Congratulations on 6 months of posting! That is quite an accomplishment.


    • Training Up My Boys August 3, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

      Thank you Nancy. Time really does fly and I am enjoying everyu minute of it.

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