Friday Funnies: Funny Sayings by Rockford

19 Aug

Funny thinking

According to Rockford

little boy thinking
Hmm,the way I see it…
Get the job done mama
I am getting ready doing my make up in the bathroom when Rockford walks in.
Rockford:  “Are you ready Mama?”
Me: “No, I’m not done doing my make up.”
Rockford: “Let me see.”  (Examines my face as if witnessing unfishined work) “Oh, yeah you’re not.”
…What is that suppose to mean?

Yeah, you think about it

Rockford will be starting a Christian based program called Awanas next month and we have been talking to him about it to get him comfortable with the new setting and faces.

Me: Rockford you’re going to go to a classroom with lots of new friends.”

Rockford: “But I’m gonna get lost.”

Me: “No you wont I’ll be there with you.”

Rockford: “And if the teacher asks me something I’m gonna have to think about it.”

…already anticipating these things. Actually I think Rockford will stomp the teacher a time or two.




Imitating Daddy

Me: “Not too loud Rockford, you’ll wake up Daddy.”

Rockford: “And Daddy will be grumpy like this (he put his arms up fists closed with a mean look) Grrrrr!!!”

…not quite, but this is “according to Rockford”.




Cain and Able syndrome

Rockford: “Mama, I’m jealous of Rocco.”

Me: “Why?”

Rockford: “Because I want to be like him?”

Me: “Why do you want to be like him?”

Rockford: “Because I’m jealous of him.”

Me: “When you are jealous of someone it’s usually because they have something that you want.”

Rockford: “I want to be like Rocco because he has an apple and I want it.”

Well at least we know he understands jealousy.



Rockford can you hear me?

Rockford falls and hurts his ear.

Rockford: “Ouch! My ear!”

Me: “Did you break it? Can you hear me? (I move my mouth but without sound coming out to freak him out a little).

Rockford: “I can’t move my ear, I broke it!”

Yes, that is funny that he never noticed he has never been able to move his ears.


About the photo:

When I was getting ready to write today’s blog I wanted to use a picture with Rockford “thinking”. I went over to where he was with my camera and asked, “Rockford can I get a picture of you thinking for the blog? Show me what you do when you think.” To this he immediately sat up, put his hand on chin and elaborated, “Well when I am thinking I usually go like this and I think about….” I just quickly took the picture and left as he continued his discourse on thinking. A couple of minutes later (guess he realized I had left) he calls out from the living room, “Are we done?” My boy wonder.


Have a great week-end all!!

Blessings to you and thank you for stopping by to have a laugh 🙂

2 Responses to “Friday Funnies: Funny Sayings by Rockford”

  1. IncidentalDomestic August 19, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    Your first story reminds me of a recent experience with my daughter. I had put on make-up for the first time since my hip replacement surgery, and my 6-year-old came in and was gushing about how pretty I looked. And then she kind of cocked her head to the side and said, “Now if you can just take care of those little wrinkles” … hahahahaha!! Ahh, yes. If only.

    Great “thinking” pic!!

    -Jennifer P.


    • Training Up My Boys August 19, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

      Hahaha! Yes that is funny. Yes kids do know how to say it like it is huh? Even when it doesn’t necesarly benefit us. Rockford always says to me, “Pretty Mama”, but I am sure there will come a day when he starts really noticing all my imperfections 😦 Thanks for stopping by Jennifer always enjoy your stories.

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