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Our 8th Year Wedding Anniversary

23 Aug

Wedding Anniversary

Mommy and Daddy turn 8 years

smiling couple
Still laughing…8 years later

Well today marks our eight year wedding anniversary and as the cliché goes, it feels like it was just yesterday. I wanted to share a little about this to our two boys who keep asking why they are not in our wedding video (well Rockford really). Here is another letter to my boys.

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Bringing up my Boys

31 Jan

Training Up my Boys

Hello all and thank you for stopping by. I always heard of the saying, “kids say the darndest things,” and I truth be told I always looked forward to that after my first son was born. I bring this up because that is actually what motivated me to start this blog. I started sharing some of these quirky, funny and moving moments with you guys on Facebook, but I always maxed out the allowable characters usage (that’s super annoying am I right?). My sister actually suggested I start a blog and the light switch went on…I could do that, so, here we are.

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