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Inspiration for family beach camping trip

25 Aug

For the  Love of Fishing

A look back into Daddy’s childhood

man fishing beautiful sky

fishing is in his heart

Today we are heading out to a beach camping trip that has been long overdue…not so much for us as a family, but for my husband. For this reason I want to write my sons a letter to enlighten them on the significance and inspiration behind this trip by sharing with them a little about their Daddy’s childhood memories.

Daddy’s child bonding style…deal with it

31 Mar

The balancing act: No harm, no foul

Daddy holds Rocco high in the air

Ever wonder if daddies get pulled aside for a special training of “How to Scare the Heck out of Your Wife by Throwing your Kid in the Air and other great tricks that are sure to make her squirm”? Mommy you are not alone.

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