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Our first Flag Day

15 Jun

We love Flag Day

Fun & Yummy activities

patriotic cupcakes
Flag Day was a fun day

What a great day it was for my kids and me. From saluting the flag to baking goods, this day was a day learning and appreciating our country’s patriotic banner.

Commemorating Flag day with my kids

13 Jun

Flag Day Activities

Raising our Country’s Banner High

Boy next to USA flag

I pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

This year I opt to teach my kids (well at least the three-year old will grasp it) the significance behind “Flag Day”. He knows what it looks like, how we salute it and why it has 50 stars, but on Tuesday we’ll elaborate a little more because it will be a day to honor and observe “Flag Day”. Not sure yet what we will do, but here are some ideas that might interest me…and you.
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