Our first Flag Day

15 Jun

We love Flag Day

Fun & Yummy activities

patriotic cupcakes
Flag Day was a fun day

What a great day it was for my kids and me. From saluting the flag to baking goods, this day was a day learning and appreciating our country’s patriotic banner.

Reading Material

We started our day by visiting our local library and checking out reading material that would bring light to this subject and was kid-friendly. We found three cool books that sufficed this need and when I say “we”, I mean the librarian.

“Red, White, Blue And Uncle Sam Who? The Stories behind some of America’s Patriotic Symbols” by Teresa Bateman

“Flag Lore of all Nations” by Whitney Smith, Ph.D.

“Extraordinary Patriots of the United States of America” by Nancy Robinson Masters

patriotic books
American History for kids
Daddy read with Rockford as I prepped the following activities.
father and son reading a book

Reading about US history

Flag Craft
After reading and learning about the American flag we started creating our own USA flag. First things first, here are the materials needed.
craft & activities items

materials needed

white construction paper 12×16
blue construction paper 5×7
red and white paint (acrylic or tempera)
paint brush
draw 12 lines to make 13 stripes 
craft and art

Daddy helps Rockford paint straight lines

What I loved about working on this flag project was that as Rockford painted, my husband and I would ask him questions about what he was painting and this helped bring to light the stories he had just read with Daddy. Questions like:
“How many stripes are there?”
“Why are there 13 stripes”
“How many stars are on flag?”
“Why are there 50 stars?” 
Painting USA flag

finger painting for Rocco

On of the things I love about Rockford is how particular he is about certain things, like getting paint on his fingers. He refused to finger paint so we turned this part over to little brother Rocco…he bailed half way through so Mama finished it, which explains the little dots and big dots. This was a great time to have the kids (or at least Rockford) count to fifty.
flag day activity

John Hancock on painting

Saluting the American Flag
By the time we finished with the first project the cupcakes had been baked and were placed on counter to cool off. While we waited for the cupcakes to cool off, I asked Rockford if he wanted to learn how to salute the flag. So I went on to show him how we put our right hand over our heart and I recited the Pledge of Allegiance as he repeated it after me. I explained to him that this is a sign of respect and love for our country and it’s like saying a promise to be a good citizen in it. I don’t know if he fully grasped it because when I asked him, “Rockford do you love your country?” he answered, “Love is the greatest of all.” Well he loves his Bible that’s for sure.
Patriotic Pastry
cupcakes in tray

cooling off period

Finally the cupcakes were ready to be decorated and we wasted no time.
cupcakes with red, white and blue sprinkles

Patriotic Cupcakes!

Nor did Rockford waste any time to eat them.
little boy smiling with cupcake on hand


What fun and yummy time we had today learning about our great American Flag and creating memories with our children. Maybe this year’s Flag Day slipped by you, but feel free to borrow these same ideas for the 4th of July that is just around the corner.
 Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!
Please come back!!! 

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  1. workmomad June 18, 2011 at 6:08 pm #

    Hi Raquel!

    I’ve been out of pocket a few days but I am glad you found such creative and meaningful ways to celebrate it with your boys. Have a good weekend!


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