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Rockford Loves God…but has a funny way of saying it

21 Feb

He Lubs Jesus 

It is no surprise that our home loves the Lord Jesus Christ. We sing about and to Him, listen to radio to hear broadcasts about Him, we read His Word, we pray to Him, and my husband and I try to instill God’s principles in our children’s lives. However, what my son Rockford gets from all this can sometimes be a little interesting to hear from him as he tries to regurgitate his understanding of Jesus. I wanted to share these lovely and funny Rockford Theology-isms with you to delight with me as my son grows everyday to one day become a man after God’s heart.


So today I am laying Rockford down and he says, “I have Jesus in my heart right here”. This was awesome. He was actually pointing to his neck, but I got the point.

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