Rockford Loves God…but has a funny way of saying it

21 Feb

He Lubs Jesus 

It is no surprise that our home loves the Lord Jesus Christ. We sing about and to Him, listen to radio to hear broadcasts about Him, we read His Word, we pray to Him, and my husband and I try to instill God’s principles in our children’s lives. However, what my son Rockford gets from all this can sometimes be a little interesting to hear from him as he tries to regurgitate his understanding of Jesus. I wanted to share these lovely and funny Rockford Theology-isms with you to delight with me as my son grows everyday to one day become a man after God’s heart.


So today I am laying Rockford down and he says, “I have Jesus in my heart right here”. This was awesome. He was actually pointing to his neck, but I got the point.


We were in the living room casually watching tv and Rocky pulled Rockford towards him and said, “Rockford I love you, you are my son.” Rockford confused and seriously states, “I’m not the son, Jesus is the son.” This was another opportunity for Rocky to share a little bit of Theology with Rockford.


I was giving Rockford a bath and had already warned him not to splash water outside the tub. He did and I told him he needed to deal with the consequences. He looked at me with a straight face and said, “God is consequences.” Sometimes I wish I knew what went on inside that little brain of his when he says things like that.


Rockford grabbed a little metal cross we have in the livingroom and he said, “look a T.” His dad clarified that it was not a “T”, it was a cross and went on to explain that the cross represented Jesus dying on the cross for us because he loved us, every one of us. After hearing this he started singing Acts 16:31 “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.” a song from a wonderful CD/DVD set that helps kids memorize scripture through song and video (see link below)


Rockford loves being read the story about Adam and Eve in his little bible. He says, “I want to hear the story of the Sneaky Snake”. I asked him one time, “What happened in the story?” He answered, “They disobeyed God.” Then I followed up, ‘then what happen?”  Rockford replied, “God got mad and he spanked them.” Good enough for me. (children’s bible link below)


Rockford was sitting in the bathtub playing and suddenly paused and said, “Um let’s talk about God.” Me, “Ok, let’s talk about God”. Pause.  Rockford, “Ok let’s talk about it then.” Me, “Ok what did you learn in Sunday school?” Rockford, “I don’t know”. Still, he made the effort to bring God into his conversation.


I put my 9 month-old son, Rocco, down for his early nap and he continued to cry (usually soothes himself this way). When I came back upstairs Rockford said, “Rocco is crying, Jesus is not with him.” See Rockford watches a video where a little girl is scared to go to sleep then she learns the verse “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise” Psalm 56:3-4 she is then able to go to sleep peacefully because she knows God is with her. That is what Rockford tried to tell me here and why Rocco wasn’t able to go to sleep. What a beautiful thing a child’s mind is. (link for CD/DVD below)


Rocky taught Rockford the other day where his heart is and if he listened closely he could hear his heartbeat go poom poom, poom poom.  Today I was letting him know what the heart is doing when it makes that sound. I told him it was pumping the blood in his body so it can circulate around inside it. I repeated this about three times to make sure he understood then I asked him, “why does your heart go poom poom?” He said, “it’s Jesus coming out”. Maybe Jesus is already inside his heart and is bursting out!




Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Vol.1

Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Vol.2

children’s bibles

3 Responses to “Rockford Loves God…but has a funny way of saying it”

  1. futiledemocracy February 21, 2011 at 8:38 am #

    I don’t mean to be insulting, but isn’t it right to teach kids all kinds of ideas and philosophies rather than surrounding them with one and then acting as if it is actually Jesus himself in the child’s heart, rather than indoctrination from such a young age?

    At my primary school, we were force fed Christianity. Hymns, prayers constantly. We were never told to question it. I hadn’t heard the name “Darwin” until I was about 12. The entire subject of modern biology (medicine, zoology, genetics etc) is based on Darwin. Not Jesus. And yet I was being taught one way only. I never questioned it, I believed it all to be true. That wasn’t because I’d “Found Jesus”, it was because a child’s mind is like a sponge with information, and those I trusted the most were indoctrinating me. It is only now, at 25, I can look back at that, and have absolute disgust for my education. I am now a proud Atheist.

    • Training Up My Boys February 21, 2011 at 11:19 am #

      Thank you for your comment and I appreciate your concern. I hope that my explanation will help you understand where I am coming from as a parent. I believe that it is important that I teach my children the truth to the best that I have discovered it. This is true with science (Evolution, Intelligent design, Creationism) and philosophy (Ethics, morality, religion). Every parent is indoctrinating their children in philosophy as soon as they possibly can. The moment I began to teach Rockford to share his toys and to tell the truth, I was teaching him about philosophy. Every time I tell my son I love him I am making a philosophical statement. I don’t see how I could or why I should avoid philosophical truth. It seems to me that to do so would not be right. The question I have always had is, “where do love, morality and other metaphysical realities come from?” Everyone believes in morality, both atheists and theists agree on this point. Even you made a moral judgment by saying that what I am doing “isn’t right”. But why…who says? Having said this, I do strongly believe in allowing and even encouraging Rockford to learn about other faiths and philosophies but at an age when he is able to compare and contrast such matters. As you can see from my posts, he is still struggling to understand what I am teaching him now. Having heard your experience with Christianity saddens me because I also grew up being taught these things just like you, only I am grateful for my education and upbringing. I have accepted and embraced the faith I was taught. So while I understand your experience, I can’t relate. The truth is, all children are indoctrinated as they grow up whether at 3 or 12 years old. The real question is…”what is truth” (John 18:38) and I sincerely believe I have found it and I believe it would be immoral for me not to teach it.

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