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Passing on a Legacy (Corona Beach Part 2)

5 Sep

What we gained from our elders

What we leave to our children

fisherman with amazing views

Embracing his legacy

As we completed our trip in Corona Beach and made a last stop to eat, I looked at my husband’s watery eyes as he simply uttered the words, “I miss him so much.” He was referring to his grandfather, “Tata”. All I could do was hug him and say, “You did it, just like you said you always wanted to…you brought your own kids to Corona Beach. You are carrying on his legacy.”

Boy ALL Boy!

1 Feb

BOYsterous Boys

One of the first reality checks I’ve encountered with having two boys is that they are just that…boys. Sure I have brothers and nephews but I didn’t raise them or have them with me 24/7. I am thankful to have grown up with four “all boy” brothers who were broad, tough, messy, smelly and 100% ready for any competitive event.

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