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Click it or your mama gets a ticket

2 Jun

A meeting with a cop

Rockford makes a promise

cop car

El Cajon Police

 As a mom I hear myself ranting everyday things like, “Don’t do that!” “You have to!” “I said so!”  Well on a day when my son was whining in the backseat that he didn’t feel he should have to put on his car seat seatbelt, instead of just ranting off, I decided to get creative…so I borrowed the help of a cop.

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Honoring Memorial Day by instilling Patriotism in our children

30 May

Honoring Yesterday’s and Today’s Soldiers

Shaping Tomorrow’s Heroes

Honoring fallen soldiers

As a mother of two boys I am compelled to instill in them the love, respect and admiration for the men and women who serve this great country of ours.  My older son is three and I believe he is old enough to start learning about the real reason we commemorate Memorial Day. However, I was not quite sure how I would do this so I called on the wisdom of friends. I’d like to share these ideas with you.

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MacGyver Mommy (a new series of practical tips)

25 May

Handy hand dryer

Not just for hands anymore

things are looking up
things are looking up for Rockford

At least once a week I head to the mall with my boys to have them release some energy (I highly recommend this).  On this given day, Rockford had a little accident and mommy got a little MacGyver. Come see a tip you might have to use on your next trip to the mall.

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The Mighty Golden Arches (Simple Pleasures)

19 May

Why my kids are “loving it”

Food, fun and free ice cream

golden arches

On rainy or really hot days my boys and I opt to go to the mall to play in the indoor play area or head to Mickey D’s for some indoor play set fun. Yeah, yeah I know the food is “unhealthy”, but I am that mom that once in a while, will let the kids eat “fast food”.  They love it here and I can see why. Do allow me to illustrate this simple pleasure with you…

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Hit the road High Chair

12 Apr

Buh bye Baby equipment

Hello toddler gear

infant high chair

R.I.P. high chair...in storage

My ten month old son, Rocco, has recently been showing signs of dislike of  his high chair, but yesterday was his final “act” of defiance. I got the point…

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Friday Funnies: Funny sayings by Rockford

1 Apr

Ok today’s funnies are more cute sayings than anything. I just needed to share how cute my son is and how what he says really, I mean really makes me go, “Really? this is my son?” Continue reading

Daddy’s child bonding style…deal with it

31 Mar

The balancing act: No harm, no foul

Daddy holds Rocco high in the air

Ever wonder if daddies get pulled aside for a special training of “How to Scare the Heck out of Your Wife by Throwing your Kid in the Air and other great tricks that are sure to make her squirm”? Mommy you are not alone.

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