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Lessons learned at Lo Jolla Tide Pools (part1)

4 Aug

This is how he learned

This is what I learned

little boy on beach sand

Curiosity starts early

Looking back at all the pictures I had taken at the La Jolla tide pools I couldn’t help but think of all the lessons learned on this simple trip to the beach. I had to break it down to three posts. I hope you can appreciate these learning moments with me.

Love, Steve

1 Mar

A special note

I recently picked up a new book that I started reading, Parenting with Love and Logic : Teaching Children Responsibility by Foster Cline, M.D. and Jim Fay. I bought it used on Amazon.com.  It seems this book has been around the block a few times by the “for sale” sticker on the back, the letter written inside the front cover by a loved one and the fact that it’s missing the paper cover. I guess that’s why I lucked out and got it for $0.43.

It seems this book has made its rounds and made it home to me. I couldn’t help but read the inside handwritten letter that I can only imagine was written by the father of the book recipient’s baby. I know this was written as a personal note, but it became public domain when they sold it. It is a lovely note and I wanted to share it with you.

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