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Presidential Funnies

27 Feb

My Pint-Size Patriot

Rockford the Politico

Boy next to USA flag

I Vote for me is a Vote for Lightening McQueen

It has been truly rewarding…and entertaining to go through a Presidential Nomination process with my 3 1/2-year-old son, Rockford. He has shown his love for his country and Presidents’ since he was two. Now I see him striving to grasp how a person becomes President and what type of person makes for a good president. Get a kick out of his perspective like we, his parents have.

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My son Rockford made Fox News and beyond!

21 Apr

What didn’t make it on the news segments

 How did he get so smart?

Rockford Ramirez in Fox News

Stepping into the spotlight


How did the situation go from making a cute home video to being interviewed by Fox News in New York? I would like to share with you candidly how this Christian stay-at-home-mom and my husband, a private Christian school teacher have been raising this so-called “Genius kid”.

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