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Presidential Funnies

27 Feb

My Pint-Size Patriot

Rockford the Politico

Boy next to USA flag

I Vote for me is a Vote for Lightening McQueen

It has been truly rewarding…and entertaining to go through a Presidential Nomination process with my 3 1/2-year-old son, Rockford. He has shown his love for his country and Presidents’ since he was two. Now I see him striving to grasp how a person becomes President and what type of person makes for a good president. Get a kick out of his perspective like we, his parents have.

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My Son Makes the 5 O’ Clock News

14 Apr

Lights! Camera! Action!

My little boy hits the small screen

little boy with iPhone

news shot

 I get a call from local news reporter Larry Himmel that he would like to interview my son about his “above average” abilities. My first worry, “Oh my, I need to clean my house, it will be on the news!”

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